BadJocks Reader Tries to Make Sports Hazing Sound Like a Good Idea

Dumbass Category LogoRegular readers to BadJocks know that we don’t really care for sports hazing of any kind. There’s no such thing as a “little bit of hazing” or harmless hazing, especially when it comes to jocks. If you ask the experts (and we have) they will tell you that even if the “team initiation” is harmless this year/season, next year it will be slightly worse. And the year after that a little worse. And before you know it someone is in a coma in the hospital and no one involved can remember how things go so out of hand.  It got out of hand because you wanted to top what the seniors did to you last season, fool. That’s, in part, thanks to the competitive nature of sports.

Trevor here thinks he’s making the case that hazing is not such a bad thing and that we should stop bashing all jocks for it. First off Trevor, we don’t condemn ALL jocks for hazing . . . just the ones who commit it and/or condone it.  Most jocks realize that shoving a foreign object up someone’s backside will not bring the two of you closer together.  That probably comes as a surprise to you, Trevor.

Second: sometimes the only way to put an end to sports hazing at a school is to take drastic measures and cancel an entire season or suspend the team for a couple of years. That, in our minds, just might send a clear message that hazing will NOT be tolerated. On the other hand, schools that have obvious hazing incidents but try to dismiss them as “harmless horseplay” or “things just getting out of hand” are actually sending a message that these types of activities are okay, just don’t get caught. Regular readers see this happen all the time and administrators wonder why they have ongoing sports hazing problems. Duh.

As for our buddy Trevor below: just shut up already. You’re not helping to make your case. You’re an idiot.

And don’t tell me where to file an email. If I think it’s hate mail, I’ll file it under hate mail. If you think differently, get your own damn website.

Dear Bob,

First off i want to say i like your site. It’s pretty funny. But i also want to say I think you come down to hard on jocks and hazing. I agree making guys drink beer til they die isn’t a good idea. I do think that little things for team building is ok. A couple swirlies and wedgies never hurt anyone. No one ever died from a noogie or a paddling. Its all about acceptance. After that your one of the guys. After the hazing is over,it’s the best feeling in the world. You know it’s over and your accepted. Imagine you joined the football team and right as you start changing a couple of the guys grab and and hang on a hook by your underwear and you get a MASSIVE wedgie. They tell you it’s a just an initiation and they yank on your legs a bit and tighty whities go even farther up your ass. They pull you down and giv u a couple swirlies. Then they put u bak on the hook and u get another MASSIVE wedgie and this time someone gets the idea to stick a couple dirty jockstraps on your head. After everyone finishes changing they yank on your leg a bit more to make ur undies go farther up ur ass and then they bring you down. After u pik ur tighty whities out of ur ass you get some pats on the bak for going through it and you all go out for pizza. But one guy on the team who saw all this didn’t feel “comfortable”(pretty much he is a wimp) with it all and tells the coach. Everyone seen participating is kicked off the team. How does that affect you? Chances are everyone kicked off will do MUCH worse things to you in gym class cuz they assume you told the coach. HAZING IS NOT THAT BIG A DEAL. You should keep posting it cuz its funny, but DON”T CONDEMN ALL JOCKS FOR IT.


P.S.-DON’T file this under hate mail,cuz its not. Ur site is pretty cool.

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