Tasered by Cops: Tampa Bay Linebacker Arrested for Disorderly Conduct at Nightclub

Another “Tasered by Cops” added to our totals  for 2010. What makes this story interesting is that the Tasering didn’t take on Bucs linebacker Geno “Come and Get Me Coppers!” Hayes because his clothes were too thick. So, the arresting officer did the next best thing: he ran Hayes down from behind, tackled him and handcuffed the NFL star. On the plus side, we hear that the officer has since been signed by the Detroit Lions.

Here’s more on the story from Reuters:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes was tasered, handcuffed and arrested early Monday morning, charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct at a local nightclub, Tampa police said.  According to the arrest report, Hayes became verbally abusive and made threats to club security and police after intervening on behalf of a friend who was turned away from the door of the Blue Martini Lounge for not being properly attired.

When Hayes refused to walk away from the front door, the police officer tried to remove him by shocking him with a stun gun, but the shock did not subdue Hayes because his clothing was too thick, according to the police report.   The arresting officer then tackled Hayes, handcuffed the 23-year-old, three-year NFL veteran and took him into custody.