BadJocks Flashback, December 2008: Plaxico Burress Shoots Self in Leg at Nightclub

Plaxico Burriss Teaching "Gun Safety for Dummies" Class

Has it been two years already? Almost makes you tear up when you remember that fateful day in December 2008 when New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress stuck a gun in the waistband of his track suit and then accidentally shot himself in the leg when it–surprise!–slipped out. Here’s a couple of posts we made about the story at the time:

Plaxico, Oh No! Troubled Giants Receiver Arrested for Discharging Gun in NYC Nightclub, Seriously Wounding His Career – Pro football players getting in trouble in nightclubs is nothing new. In fact, when we hear they DIDN’T get into trouble, we sometimes report that because it’s so shocking. And, really, jocks getting shot inside of, or just outside of, bars or strip clubs is also not that uncommon. But to shoot yourself with an unlicensed weapon and then try to give a fake name at the hospital? That takes the real genius of New York Giants receiver (and Super Bowl hero) Plaxico Burress who posted $100,000 bail on weapons possession charges related to a shooting in the VIP section of the Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan about 1 a.m. Saturday morning. Burress, who has been suspended by the Giants, could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted, but he is not due back in court on March 31. The worst part? It is likely Plaxico won’t be able to teach his weekly Gun Safety for Dummies class in New Jersey (right) this weekend. Maybe next week, Plax? (LA Times)

NY Giants: Ba-Bye Plaxico! Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out! – To no one’s surprise the New York football Giants have not only fined, but also suspended, oft troubled wide receiver Plaxico “Deadeye” Burress, effectively ending his season. As you probably already know, Burress shot himself in the thigh at a NYC nightclub last weekend and is now facing some serious illegal weapons charges. If convicted, he would face mandatory prison time, making it unlikely he will ever play pro football again, although he might help the Federal prison team currently quarterbacked by Michael Vick. (Now, if only a decent running back would get caught selling some coke.) Meantime, the NY district attorney is also investigating the hospital that treated Burress, because for some as yet unknown reason, they failed to follow state laws regarding the MANDATORY reporting of all gunshot wounds to police. Haven’t these ER docs ever seen a movie or TV show where the hero gets shot and doesn’t want to seek treatment? That’s what backroom mob doctors are for! (MyFoxNY)