Liz Hurley’s Husband Could Name Cricket Star Shane Warne in Divorce Papers

Dumbass Category LogoOkay, this one’s a bit complicated, but we’ll try to make sense of it. You know who British actress Elizabeth Hurley is, don’t you? She and actor Hugh Grant dated for years before that incident where he picked up the prostitute. They broke up, then she got knocked up by a guy for like two seconds who at first denied paternity . . . until the DNA tests came back. Then Hurley married some rich Indian guy named Arun Nayar and the two of them seemed happy until this past week when she was spotted kissing Australian cricket ace (and frequent guest on BadJocks) Shane Warne. Now Mr. Nayar is not only unhappy, he’s also planning to file for divorce and could name Warne as one of the causes in the legal papers.

Last time Shane graced our pages was in 2006 when . . . well, let’s pull the file and let the story speak for itself:

Shane Warne in Happier Times

Shane Warne in Happier Times

In July (2005) Warne’s marriage ended after reports that he stripped naked in front of a hot 25-year-old before begging her for sex. In 2003 he got in trouble with his then fiancée (and now ex-wife) after she found sexually explicit text messages to another woman on his cell phone. In almost all those cases Warne got in trouble when he visited the UK for matches . . . something about the great teeth of British women, no doubt? Anyway, his latest scandal is classic: Warne was secretly videotaped by two topless models–Emma Kearney and Coralie Eichholtz–while having sex at their apartment. According to the News of the World, Shane “raced from Southampton up to Emma’s posh flat in Knightsbridge, West London, at the end of the day’s play against Middlesex, clutching two bottles of Dom Perignon and a half bottle of vodka.” In the photos he’s not only seen stripping to his Playboy logo underwear, but also playing with a giant inflatable penis. All in naughty, grainy black and white images that look like they were shot on a bank security cam. The trio got together after–you guessed it–Warne sent one of the young ladies some naughty text messages, including one that allegedly talked about his ex-wife’s complaints about his sexual appetite, “That’s why I got divorced. She said that I was killing her…I m********* twice a day… the last year its been out of control. I got it so bad need action baby.”

What a class act! And now this latest dandy:

Liz Hurley’s husband is demanding to know when she embarked on her affair with Australian cricket legend Shane Warne.  Textile tycoon Arun Nayar is said to be “furious” over revelations that his wife of three years is having a fling with Warne.  Lawyers have told Arun that he can serve divorce papers on the cricketer as part of any proceedings, but only if he wishes to petition his wife on the grounds of “inappropriate behaviour”.

Swimwear model Hurley, 45, who was pictured kissing former spin bowler Warne last week, claimed she had separated from Arun “a few months ago”.  But she was spotted wearing her wedding ring on December 4 and the couple were pictured at an event on November 17.

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