LA Clippers Owner Heckles Own Player During Games “You’re Out of Shape!”

Dumbass Category LogoWow. What has the world come to when billionaires are taunting millionaires at sporting events? And we don’t mean when Bill Gates verbally abuses Donald Trump during those exclusive bridge tournaments (more on that ugly incident some other time.)

No, this time we are talking about LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling who reporting is unhappy with the play of point guard Baron Davis. Apparently, Mr. Sterling thinks Mr. Davis is not living up to the standards in his $13 million contract this year . . . and he’s letting everyone know it. Talk about a class act in LA.

Here’s more on the story from Yahoo Sports:

Sterling has expressed his displeasure about Davis’ play by taunting him from his courtside seat at Clippers’ home games, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. Among Sterling’s verbal barbs:

– “Why are you in the game?”
– “Why did you take that shot?”
– “You’re out of shape!”

While Sterling has also taunted other Clippers players since the middle of last season, none have received it worse than Davis, the sources said. Davis has missed 14 of the team’s 25 games this season and is averaging 7.4 points while making a team-high $13 million. Including this season, Davis has three years and nearly $42 million left on his contract.