Big Drug “Bust” at University of Iowa?

If you believe the Internet rumor mill (and frankly, who doesn’t anymore, right?) there is a chance that at a press conference today the University of Iowa could suspend as many as 11 players from its football team just weeks before their bowl game. Among the biggest pieces of evidence, this story from the Press-Citizen, which talks about UI’s unique drug testing policy that allows any coach to make the entire team to pee in a cup on a moment’s notice. (We’re assuming these would be individual cups and not one big one.)  Those kinds of surprise tests usually come with a load of trouble.

The oddsmakers have already taken the Hawkeye’s game against No. 12 Missouri in the Insight Bowl on Dec. 28 off the board, so you know something is up. Guess we’ll find out later today when the school holds a press conference.

Under the University of Iowa’s drug testing policy, any coach can request that the university administer a test for the team.  “If they have a reason, they can ask their team be tested,” Iowa associate athletics director Fred Mims said. In the wake of the arrest of Iowa all-Big Ten receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos on a handful of drug-related charges, did the entire football team submit to testing? Mims would not confirm.  “I’m not going to talk about that,” Mims said.

The University of Iowa tests every student-athlete at least once every school year. That’s on top of tests done by the Big Ten and the NCAA.  Tests are typically done in-season for athletes, but can be done year-round.  The Big Ten and the NCAA only test for performance-enhancing drugs. The tests done by UI check for all illegal substances. The program is run through University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.