Super Bowl Handicapping: How Will Cowboys Stadium Factor?

EDITOR’S NOTE:   This guest post comes from long time reader Emeli.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones desperately wanted his team to play in the Super Bowl this year. After all, with his brand new stadium hosting the mega event, how sweet would it be to have his team playing in it?

As we’ve all learned by now, anyone who will be Super Bowl handicapping won’t have to worry about the Cowboys being one of the two entrants into the Championship game.  But nonetheless, we’ll have to handicap how the stadium will affect the play.
First off, the game will be played indoors, so that should help any pass-oriented squads. Teams like the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints will have a huge edge because the potential winter elements that would be a factor in many other outdoor stadiums – especially in early February.

Fleshing that out further, the team with the superior quarterback should also have an advantage as he will be able to be far more precise indoors without the wind factoring. In the outdoors, the difference between the two quarterbacks can be equalized by the wind, rain or snow but indoors, the better quarterback shine.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons are a couple of teams that rely a little more on the run than some of the other contenders, like the two aforementioned ones, so they won’t have as much of an upper hand indoors.

The other factor, of course, is an edge to any team that has already played in Cowboys Stadium this season or plays there regularly. Teams like the New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles – the Cowboys NFC East cohorts – will be more familiar with the environment than, say, the Baltimore Ravens, who have never played there before.

While his Cowboys won’t be a factor at Super Bowl 45, Jerry Jones’ new $1.3 billion stadium surely will.