HS Softball Coach Accused of Videotaping Players With Hidden Locker Room Camera – Michael Gene Hestand

So, you’ve just been hired to coach the softball team at Western Heights High School in Oklahoma City after the previous coach was fired for having porn on his computer.  Naturally, you do an inventory of everything in the office and girl’s locker room, especially after the previous coach says he left his uh, “personal” video camera in one of the lockers. So, you find the camera and some extra tapes hidden in a locker and you pop them in the VCR to view them and, well, let’s just say they’re NOT game tapes.  What do you do?

Here’s more on the story from KOCO:

Officers said Michael Gene Hestand, 45, was a teacher and a coach at Western Heights High School.Officers said Hestand was fired in December of 2009 after school officials found adult male pornography on his school computer.  When the new coach began, he told officers he found a a video camera in the softball equipment room along with several tapes.   When the coach started playing one of the tapes, he told officers he saw girls on the high school softball team in the girls locker room.   He said several of the girls were partially dressed and some were completely nude.

The coach told officers he recognized one of the girls, who was 14 and a freshman at the time.   He told officers he felt the girls were being recorded without their knowledge.  School officials said the coach immediately turned over all material to the Western Heights District and police.

If you’re thinking the videos might have been recorded accidentally, in another report the police allege that at the end of the recordings in the locker room, a male voice can be heard asking “everyone out?” and then a hand reaches in and turns off the camera.