TMZ: Jenn Sterger to Go Public if NFL Fails to Discipline Brett Favre

If there’s anything worse than a woman scorned, it would be a woman scorned who has pictures of your junk that you sexted her. If you thought this story was ugly before, just wait for Round 2 if the NFL decides ol’ Brett is just a misunderstood country boy.  The real question is: if Sterger has the evidence she claims, why hasn’t Favre, the Vikings, or the NFL paid her off yet? Call Tiger Woods and get some tips on shutting women up so you can going on playing your game already.

Here’s the latest from our friends at TMZ:

If the NFL doesn’t come down on Brett Favre for his alleged sexting scandal — his accuser might go public with an “overabundance of evidence” … this according to her manager.
Favre could get word any day now about potential punishment for allegedly sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis while he was with the New York Jets … and she was working as the team’s stadium host.  Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”   Reese thinks an NFL reprimand of the Vikings QB would go a long way toward changing public opinion of Sterger.

Sterger’s camp insists she has more evidence than the photos that have already come out. Reese adds, “We sincerely hope the league does the right thing.”