UK Soccer Player Nearly Tasered by Cops After Allegedly Head-Butting Female Companion – Michael Ricketts

Dumbass Category LogoYou gotta give it to those English football players, they really do know how to party.  Normally,  on their birthdays, most guys will go out with the woman in their life, have a nice dinner, a few drinks (maybe a movie) and celebrate in style. But not Michael Ricketts, 32, who used to play for the Bolton Wanderers. No, his idea of a great birthday allegedly including taking his woman to a club, then–for some reason–calling her a “f****** c***”, then taking her outside, throwing her against a car, followed by a good ol’ fashioned head-butting and a punch to the face . . . as cops watched from a patrol car. Oops!

Ultimately, the Bobbies had to point a Taser at Rickett’s chest to get him to settle down. Not quite a “Tasered by Cops” but close enough for our purposed. Yeah, he went to jail and his beloved appears to be alright, but you can guess that she’ll think twice about going on another date with Mr. Ricketts.

Here’s the bloody details from our favorite UK tabloid, The Sun:

Michael Ricketts, 32, was nicked on suspicion of assault after the row during a night out to celebrate his birthday.  Ricketts – capped just once for England eight years ago and without a club now – is accused of calling the blonde a “f****** c***” as they had a drink together at a restaurant.

He then stormed out, followed minutes later by the woman. The row continued and Ricketts allegedly threw her against a car before attacking her and leaving her with a black eye.  Two officers, who saw the fight from their patrol car, were forced to point the Taser at Ricketts’s chest to calm him down.  Ricketts spent a night in the cells before being charged with common assault yesterday.  The victim, 33 – thought to be Ricketts’s partner – was discharged from hospital after treatment for her injuries.