Painful Sports Video: U of Cincinnati Mascot Arrested After Snowball Fight

Will the Mascot Madness ever stop? This time we have the University of Cincinnati Bearcat mascot at a game Saturday against Pittsburgh while was snowing. The mascot starting throwing snowballs and people returned fire. Cops asked him to stop, he didn’t and then guess who got arrested? Was it the worst thing we’ve ever heard of a mascot doing? No, but when the cops ask you nicely to stop, it’s usually a good idea to do so . . . even if you do have a giant head on.

Here’s more on the story from, with a brief video of the incident below:

A snowball fight broke out between the crowd and the mascot around 1 p.m. during Saturday’s 28-10 loss to Pittsburgh at Nippert Stadium, causing police to kick out the Bearcat.  M. Robert “Bobby” Garfield III, 22, of Montgomery was cited with disorderly conduct and was last seen heading to the office of the Athletics Department, which has declined to comment on what disciplinary action would be taken.

Garfield is a senior at UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and, according to UC’s Website, was a 2009-10 senior class officer.  “He was throwing them at the crowd and so of course, people threw back and missed him and hit other people,” said UC Police Capt. Jeff Corcoran.  “The officer asked him to stop and he took exception to that.”  At one point, Garfield shoved the officer and both ended up on the ground, he said.