Thanks Mom! Woman Attacks HS Coach After Daughter Cut From Team

Dumbass Category LogoIt happens. Especially in high school sports.

A young person joins a team and for some reason it just doesn’t work out. Not the right sport for them, there’s not good chemistry with the other players or the coach or . . . who knows? But it happens all the time and usually it’s best for all parties to just move on. But not, apparently, this lady, who really, really, really must have wanted her daughter on that sports team. Enough to go to school and smack the coach around so he got the message.

Message received. Let’s just hope this girl’s boyfriend doesn’t dump her right before the prom!

A 52-year-old Newhall woman was arrested last week for allegedly attacking a Hart High School sports coach who had dropped her daughter from a varsity sports team, authorities said Wednesday.  The woman was arrested at her home Monday on suspicion of assaulting a school employee, according to arrest records. She was released from custody after posting $60,000 bail.

The alleged assault occurred on Nov. 16 on the Hart High School campus.  The mother allegedly struck the coach several times in the head and arms with her hands after she was told her daughter had been cut from a varsity sports team, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Lt. Brenda Cambra said in an e-mail.

Mom arrested after hitting varsity coach (The Signal)