Middle School Locker Room Hazing Incident Turns Sexual – Sunray Middle School

Hazings Category Logo“What’s the big deal?” readers ask all the time when it comes to sports hazing. “It happens all the time and no one gets hurt, so why make a fuss?” Saying, in so many words, that anyone who is against another male flopping their junk on your face or having something forcefully shoved up your behind makes you “gay.” Seriously, we’ve received those emails.

Well, here’s one good reason: hazing is now happening at younger and younger ages and also becoming more sexualized. Latest case in point comes from the boy’s locker room after football practice at Sunray Middle School (Texas) where the 13 and 14-year-olds are now teabagging each other for fun. When do we start doing something about this? When kindergateners start doing this after T-ball games? How young is too young for hazing to be wrong in some people’s minds? Never?

Details on the story from the Amarillo Globe-News:

Two Sunray parents who have children at the middle school said they were told the problems began in the locker room and escalated from minor roughhousing and towel popping.  One parent, who declined to identify himself for fear that his son will face retribution from classmates, said eighth-grade football players locked seventh-grade football players in the locker room and turned off the lights. He said some of the eighth-graders then proceeded to place their genitals on some of the seventh-graders’ faces.

The parent said he learned the details of the incident from another parent who has a son on the seventh-grade football team.  Another parent, who declined to identify himself fearing community backlash, said his son, a seventh-grader, was in the locker room when the alleged sexual harassment occurred.  “At the very least, those kids ought to be kicked out of athletics,” he said. “I don’t think they ought to let them get off lightly