Security Guard at Country Club Arrested for Peeping in Women’s Locker Room

Brian Keith Beattie used to have a pretty easy job as a security guard at a fancy Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. Likely his most important duty was making sure that drunk, rich businessmen got into the right car and out of the parking lot after hitting the “19th hole” before getting into a wreck. But you know, it’s boring, aimless jobs like that which sometimes cause the mind to wonder, and possibly get you in trouble.

For his part, Beattie claims he was just hanging outside the women’s locker room looking for a parking valet. A witness claims he went above and beyond the call of duty if that was the case, standing on a garbage can so he could look in a window to get a better view. Cops aren’t buying his story for some reason.

Brian Keith Beattie, 26, was arrested at the country club, 7000 NW Grand Blvd. about 11 p.m. Saturday, according to a Nichols Hills police report. Another security officer at the country club told a Nichols Hills police officer he had witnessed Beattie peeking in the women’s bathroom and changing area.Beattie told the officer he was looking into the bathroom trying to find a valet worker, the report states. The security guard who made the report to police said Beattie was seen following a female as she walked to the changing area, then the guard saw Beattie stand on a trash can lid and look into a window where women were changing, the report states.

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