New Jersey Man Arrested for Taking 1400 Pictures of Female HS Athletes, Cheerleaders

Was this guy really stalking, or does he just like to take a lot of pictures? With digital cameras and large mass storage devices, who’s to say what “too many pictures” really is? Read the story below from and you decide.

Our guess is, if he looked more like George Clooney, and less like Al Bundy, no one would have minded.

A 62-year-old North Bergen man was arrested Nov. 23 and charged with two counts of stalking after he photographed teenage girls at several North Jersey high school sporting events and 1,400 photographs were found on his camera, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.  Joseph M. Delpriore, of 68th Street, is accused of photographing female high school athletes and cheerleaders at North Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan on several dates in October, officials said.

Officials said Delpriore targeted two female athletes at the high school, photographing them repeatedly. Both females and their parents were sent notifications to make them aware of Delpriore’s activities, officials said.