FOX News Asks: One Year Later, What are Tiger Woods’ Women Up To?

It’s a good thing we have FOX News out there doing the tough journalism. We had almost forgotten the thrill ride that began over a year ago at that fateful Thanksgiving dinner at the Woods home in Florida.  How things have changed for everyone (it’s a long list) involved! Below are a couple of videos: one from Chinese TV showing their animated reenactment of what allegedly happened that day, followed by the South Park version of events as a video game.

Last Thanksgiving, Tiger Woods‘ wrecked his car outside his Florida home.  Nobody could have predicted the events that would unfold.  After word leaked he smashed his ride after his wife found text messages from another woman, one alleged mistress after another after another came forward detailing their relationships with the married golfer.  Their admissions ended up too much for Wood’ wife, Elin Nordegren, who filed for, and got a divorce, from Woods.

So where are those porn stars, nightclub hostesses, and pancake waitresses  — all of whom became part of the national conversation for months on end — now?

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