Yemen Beach Volleyballers Blame Asian Cheerleaders in Bikinis for Their Loss

Isn’t that always the case? You’re at the beach, playing volleyball, a location where you NEVER expect to see scantily-clad hot young women, and the host country distracts you with a bevy of Asian beauties in bikinis pretending to be cheerleaders! Of course that’s going to distract you and the rest of your team and cause you to lose, DUH!   Someone should launch an investigation into, uh, something . . . I forgot what I was saying.

At right, what a bikini-clad Asian cheerleader at a beach volleyball game might look like. (Additional pictures here.)

The Yemeni volleyball team has blamed their defeat in the Asian Games on the bikini-clad cheerleaders performing on the sidelines. The Telegraph quoted Yemen beach volleyballer Adeeb Mahfoudh, as saying that the dancers made it impossible for them to concentrate on the game.  “They had an effect on how we played. I think they had something to do with our losing the match,” he said.

Organisers of the games in China have hired four cheerleader squads, each made up of eight girls, to entertain fans during breaks in the volleyball action. Besides cheering, the girls also perform routines that include traditional Chinese elements including martial arts and fan dancing, the paper said.

Yemen beach volleyballers blame sexy bikini-clad cheerleaders for Asian Games defeat! (One India)