Female Softball Coach, 20, Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Girl, 14 – Elizabeth Anne Rossok

Now, don’t start in with all of your generalizations about female softball coaches. We’re sure this one has a perfectly good reason for befriending a 14-year-old girl, giving her booze (allegedly) and showing her pornography (also allegedly) and having her over to her house repeatedly over a one year period. If you just take a few minutes, you can probably think of hundreds . . . okay, maybe dozens of reasons . . . okay, really, probably just one or two and those are probably way out in left field, why this would happen.  Still’ let’s not be too hasty in judging this woman’s actions.

Elizabeth Anne Rossok, age 20, 4295 West US 40, Apt. C, Greencastle, IN surrendered herself to the Putnam County judicial system on Friday, November 12, preliminarily charged with one count of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, Class D felony and one count of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Class A misdemeanor. Rossok later bonded out on 10% of the $20,000 bond.

Indiana State Police Detective Deanna Jones began an investigation on September 24, 2010, at the request of the Department of Child Services in Putnam County, into allegations that Elizabeth Anne Rossok had sexual contact on multiple occasions with a 14 year old female friend.  The sexual contact allegedly occurred at Rossok’s home over a nearly one year period, beginning in August of 2009 and lasting until the initiation of this investigation. The victim is now 15 years of age.

During the investigation, additional allegations surfaced accusing Ms. Rossok of providing pornographic material and alcoholic beverages to the 14 year old victim during the same period as the sexual contact.

Coach Charged With Sexual Misconduct (WTHI)