U of Texas Track Team Manager Arrested for Taping Female Athletes in Locker Room

The strangest part of the story is that the Texas track team manager in question, Rene Zamora, got away with secretly videotaping young women in the locker room for more than two years before getting caught. And, according to police reports, when one of the athletes did notice him holding a camera over the shower curtain, his only response was to run away and yell, “Sorry.”

Yeah, that’ll make it all better. According to cops, Zamora, 30, will be charged with improper photography or visual recording, a state jail felony.

UT Police Department investigators confiscated a home laptop computer and memory cards from Zamora’s Austin apartment in September, according to Senior Associate Athletics Director Nick Voinis. Detectives found images of two former and eight current female student athletes. In addition, police said there are also two- to three more women in the videos that they have not identified, likely student athletes as well.

“We are shocked and angry that an individual who outwardly comported himself as a trusted employee allegedly took advantage of both his position and access,” said UT Women’s Athletics Director Christine Plonsky . “Once we became aware of the situation, we took immediate action and have been fully cooperating with legal authorities. There is no adequate means of describing our regret and dismay at this news.”

UT officials began their investigation after a member of the cross country team said she caught the 30-year-old trying to record her in the shower in the locker room after returning from a track meet in Houston on Sept. 3.  According to a police search warrant, the athlete turned to rinse her hair and spotted the lense of a camera pointed at her just above the curtain rod. She told police she was startled and screamed.

Then, she reported hearing someone’s footsteps running away. She told police she peeked outside the curtain and recognized Zamora running away. She yelled “Rene,” in shock, and told police that Zamora yelled, “Sorry,” as he ran out of the locker room.

Former UT Women’s Track manager jailed (KXAN)