Painful Sports Video: HS Basketball Coach Admits Whipping Players

The things that cell phone videos catch these days. No doubt there have been coaches in the past who did things like that, but it was always hard to prove. Now, all some kid has to do is pull out a tiny cell phone, hit record and it’s all over but the lawsuit.
On the plus side, the coach admits he did it, in an attempt to “. . . save these young men from the destruction of self and what society has accepted and become silent to the issues our students are facing on a daily basis.”
Full story–and video–below from ESPN:

Three Murrah High School boys’ basketball players have sued their coach and the school system over alleged whippings. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in federal court in Jackson by attorney Lisa Ross. Ross contends that a video clip shows a basketball player bent over as a man swings a belt, hitting him three times. The video was made available to media outlets in Jackson.

Ross said the man in the video, which was recorded on a cell phone, is boys’ basketball coach Marlon Dorsey. In the lawsuit, the unnamed players contend they were physically and verbally abused by Dorsey after running plays incorrectly, and were hit by a weight belt that weighed anywhere from five to 10 pounds.

Dorsey, who has admitted to what he calls “paddling” his players, has been on leave since late October. On Oct. 28, school and district officials met with about 30 parents about the matter, but there has been no official word from Jackson Public Schools on Dorsey’s status.