Boston Garden Officials Looking for Woman in Video Who Kicked Hole in Column

UPDATE: Vandal Identified, Offers to Pay Damages
The woman in the video seen kicking a hole in a column in the women’s bathroom at the Boston Garden has been identified (although not publicly) and she will be paying for the repairs she caused by that drunken kick.

EARLIER: Do you live in the Boston are and recognize the Bruins fan in this video? If you do, the officials a the Boston Garden would like a word with you . . . and ultimately with her. You see, there’s this great video of her putting her foot through a column in the ladies restroom . . . and I think they’re a little unhappy about the damage she did. Can’t anyone take a joke anymore?

This ain’t CSI, but we’re betting alcohol was involved.  Here’s more from the Providence Journal (Watch the video at here):

Boston Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said building officials found the damage in their postgame sweep after Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Blues. They are trying to identify and locate the woman, whose face is clearly shown in the video.  In the video, a woman in a Milan Lucic Bruins T-shirt kicks a hole in a support pillar in the bathroom. Then she falls down.