Video: High School Girls Streak HS Football Game . . . TWICE!

Streakers at a high school football game? Not that unusual. Teen-aged GIRLS streaking a high school football game? Very rare indeed, but now it appears to have happened twice within the past week. First, the story below comes to us from FOX 40 in Sacramento, which reports on an incident from the Yuba City v. River Valley High last Friday. We found the video of that event, but also found another incident while searching for for this one, and found one from a game Stevens Point, Wisconsin from the week before.

Is there something going on we don’t know about? Is there anything we can do to keep it going? Just kidding.

To be fair, these “streakers” are actually only stripping down to their underwear, but that’s enough to get them suspended–and possibly expelled–from school.

A high school half-time entertainment stunt has some Yuba City residents angry and others, amused. Two senior girls from River Valley High School took off their clothes and streaked across the football field at Yuba City High School, Friday night.

The “streaking” was recorded on cell phone video and posted on YouTube. The girls are now suspended from school and the district is considering whether they should be expelled. “I don’t think the girls should be expelled, ” said Sara Waite, a parent picking up a student from school, Monday night. “They’ll have a hilarious story for their grandkids some day.”

“It was unexpected and funny,” said high school junior, Javier Zepeda.

This one was taken at a game in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at the “PJ game” whatever that is.