El Paso High School Football Teams Brawl, Reporter Gets Booted


A brawl breaks out at a HS football game in El Paso, Texas, holding up play for 15 minutes and the result? The TV reporter shooting the game who captured the “action” is the one kicked out. Why? Well, school officials said it was because he did not present press credentials, but the station thinks it might have had something to do with the fact that he caught the school principal on camera talking to players after the incident. You see, up until this last game of the season, no one with a big video camera was asked to produce press credentials . . . until now.

Full story with video from KTSM:

A Friday night brawl breaks out at a high school football game.  It’s caught on video but our reporter is the one who gets kicked out.  The fight happened during the first half of the Jefferson and Irvin game.  The game was stopped for more than 15 minutes while coaches and refs broke it up.

One of reporters, Phillip Mena video taped the fight but he was escorted off the field while recording the Irvin principal talking to players and parents.  Our reporter was told he could not record because he didn’t have proper press credentials.  Phil was escorted off the field after the Activities Director of Irvin told him he had to leave and two El Paso polic