Awesome Sports Video: Cowboys Fan Gets Lap Dance During Game

First off, we’ll say that this video will likely make you as uncomfortable as it made many Dallas Cowboys fans sitting nearby when it happened. But like a car accident, you are both repulsed, and yet feel you have to watch. What is this young lady thinking? How much has she had to drink to do this in front of 70,000 bored Cowboy fans? And where did she get the awesome belly tattoo?

Our friends over at Deadspin have been working on this for several days and were close to naming the blond in the video, until they got an urgent plea from one of her friends trying to repair the would-be stripper’s reputation. That message read in part:

She is a very smart, self respecting, modest girl that took a vacation and let her hair down, as cliche as that sounds. She cannot afford to be mocked and ridiculed and posted on the internet during a moment she not only doesn’t remember but would like to forget, and this video takes away her right to do so. Please consider the girl you see in that video not as a “stripper, whore, slut, etc” or any of the other vulgar names shes been called, but see her as a young lady that had maybe a little too much fun and should be allowed to put her wild night behind her.