HS Football Hazers Use Pellet Gun on Rookies

Not satisfied with simply beating younger players, the upperclassman at Big Sky High School (Montana) decided to go all Rambo on new members of the team and brought a pump-action pellet gun to school to shoot them in the butt. Nothing says “team spirit” quite like getting shot in the ass, does it? Makes you all warm inside, and probably oozing a small amount of blood on the outside. At right, what may or may not have been what the weapon looked like, although it is the first thing that comes up when you search for “Airsoft pump-action pellet gun.”

Here’s more from the Missoulian:

Four Big Sky High School students began serving their suspensions on Monday for a hazing incident last Thursday in which members of the varsity Eagles football team were shot with a pellet gun.  The four students, all seniors, are serving three- to 10-day suspensions for their roles in the hazing, which happened after football practice in the Big Sky boys’ locker room.

“At least 10″ students, sophomores and juniors, were shot in the back or buttocks with a pump-action Airsoft pellet gun snuck into school in an athletic gear bag, said principal Trevor Laboski.

A parent of one of the victims called Laboski on Friday morning, the day after the hazing took place. “Basically, she wanted me to know there was an incident in the locker room I needed to look into,” said the first-year principal.  After gathering some initial information, Laboski suspended the four students after school on Friday; all four seniors missed playing in their last football game as an Eagle that night.

Laboski said he is not aware of any injuries to any of the players shot with the gun, which was described as being a short rifle.