Brits Shocked When Oxford Women’s Lacrosse Team Dresses New Members as Babies, Makes Them Drink Booze From Baby Bottles

Well look who just caught up with the rest of the world? Seems like every major news outlet in the United Kingdom had a story over the past few days about the “shocking” sports hazing incident that allegedly took place on the women’s lacrosse team at prestigious Oxford University. Based on photos posted on Facebook (not that again!) authorities are saying that first year players were dressed up as babies, complete with diapers (or nappies), forced to drink booze out of baby bottles while sitting on the laps of older players who pretended to be their mothers. And this is were the iniation starts to get a little weird.

According to reports, the the older players were dressed up as “chav” mothers, in jogging outfits, sporting lots of gold jewelry, smoking, and abusing their “babies.” Had to look that one up, and it appears “chav” is the UK equivalent to being white trash. (Some snooty Brit, correct me if I am wrong.) All told, a pretty bizarre scene, yet not too far from what we at BadJocks have seen over the past 10 years or so.

Among our favorites? The Michigan State women’s soccer team incident back in 2003, where frosh had Depends diapers taped to their bodies and then their legs pained red and white to turn them into giant tampons. Get it? We didn’t either. Or, the University of Memphis Woman’s Cross Country Team back in ’06, where the frosh were dressed as hookers and had obscenities scrawled on their bodies while they boozed it up.

The point being, this kind of crap goes on all the time, so we are only shocked that the UK news media is shocked that is happens.

DOZENS of pretty female students were forced into a booze-fuelled initiation ceremony at Oxford University — dressed up as BABIES.  First year lacrosse team members were made to suck on dummies and neck alcohol from baby bottles during the degrading proceedings.

Shocking images of the Babies and Teenage Mums event – which appeared on Facebook – also showed the teenage girls rolling on a filthy floor while wearing NAPPIES.  Meanwhile, older students — who played the role of ‘chav’ mums — wore tracksuits and gold jewelery while smoking and shouting abuse at their “babies”.

During the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday night, the younger students had to sit on the older girls’ laps and be “fed” baby bottles full of booze.  The freshers were also made to lick baby food off paper plates as part of the ritual, which has been branded “extremely tasteless” by fellow students.

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