BadJocks Flashback: Naughty Cheerleaders Run Wild

In looking at our back archives, one thing becomes pretty obvious: cheerleaders, especially high school cheerleaders, are a LOT less naughty they they were just a few years ago. Our most recent story (click here to read) had a 14-year-old HS cheerleader suspended from school and booted from the squad for allegedly watching as a friend wrote some profanity on the wall of the girl’s bathroom. Not her, her friend. Please! Is that the best you ladies can do? We get the distinct impression that there is a great deal of cheer-slacking going on out there.

For example: Back in November of 2008, we had two stories of serious naughty cheerleaders, one that actually involved a girl’s mom. First, we had some cheerleaders from Needville High School in Texas who got busted for putting booze in their water bottles so they could drink DURING a playoff football game. How’d you like to have been the little cheerleader they put on the top of the pyramid that night? The second story involves the mother of a cheerleader at Indian Creek High School who circulated naked pictures of her daughter’s rival on the squad to a number of teachers and school administrators. We never did find out exactly why that happened, but most likely to get the girl who posed nude off the squad. Now that’s what we call being a Naughty Cheerleader! Not this stupid bathroom wall writing “accomplice” crap.

Don’t think either of those stories are bad enough? Let’s go back to 2007. Among our Naughty Cheerleaders of the Year was a girl at Sheffield High School in Alabama who not only was not booted from the squad when a sex video of her surfaced at school, she was actually elected head cheerleader (insert your joke here.) Not surprisingly, that upset a few parents. How about Charles Daugherty aka Storme Shannon Aerison, a hermaphrodite who, as an adult, convinced everyone at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs that he/she was a 17-year-old girl. And later conned some men into thinking he/she was a supermodel. Yes, that’s his/her picture at right. How many of you were fooled?

So, here’s what we need: We need your help. Please send us your own PERSONAL naughty cheerleader stories. We know you have them. Seems like everyone we know has a story from high school or college about a young lady who was supposed to be a model student and was actually the biggest troublemaker in the county. Here’s the rules: no last names, although we would like to know the name of the school or at least the city where it happened. Some details, but don’t send us your master’s thesis. If you can’t tell it in a couple of paragraphs, it ain’t a good story. Got photos? Send those as well. Can’t guarantee we’ll run them, but you never know. Then, drop everything in an email to Oh, and don’t forget to tell us if you want credit for the story or not.

Now, get to work!