40 Hot Lingerie Football League Girls

How’s your fantasy team for the Lingerie Football League doing this year . . . or do you even care?

Don’t laugh: while other sports leagues are facing financial troubles the LFL is actually expanding, currently looking to place a team in either Cleveland or Columbus and the current schedule of games is featured on MTV-2 each Friday night. The really good news is there is no shortage of good looking athletes in the Lingerie Football League, as witnessed by our friends at Total Pro Sports which felt compelled to list the 40 hottest players in the league. We’re sure they’ll do the same for the NFL later in the season.

Here’s the background from TPS:

As I said earlier, being a quarterback in the Lingerie Football League may very well be the best position in all of sports.  Just think about how great it would be to line up behind on of these bruising beauties.  Not to mention being in the huddle with them, giving them a celebratory pat on the ass, and getting to take part in all the locker room fun before and after the games.  But enough with the fantasizing.  As men, we all know that we will never be granted such an opportunity.  So for now, we must settle with simply admiring these beauties in action as we watch from the sidelines.

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