HS Cheerleader Booted From Squad for Writing on Bathroom Wall – Katelyn Hughes

Okay, technically, Katelyn Hughes, 14, didn’t even actually write the profanity on the walls of the girls bathroom at Opelika High School in Alabama. Her friend wrote the naughty words, and–depending on who you talk to–Katelyn was just there either looking in the mirror or watching her pen some witty limrick. Either way, it was enough to get the 14-year-old cheerleader suspended from school and eventually kicked off the cheerleading squad.

Musta been some nasty words! Of course, her mom says her little angel is innocent, while the school insists it investigated the incident properly and thoroughly and Ms. Hughes got exactly what she deserved. Something doesn’t seem right, but then it never does when cheerleaders go bad. Here’s the full story from OANow.com:

A 14-year-old Opelika High School student will withdraw from school today after a profanity incident resulted in her suspension from school, according to her mother.  Opelika resident Christa O’Hara said her daughter, Katelyn Hughes, was suspended from school on Tuesday for one day and kicked off the school cheerleading team after being accused of “assisting another student write profanity about another student on the bathroom walls.”

“That doesn’t make sense to me, because she wasn’t assisting (in) anything, and they (the school) even know this,” O’Hara said.  Hughes explained on Thursday her version of what happened: Before her first class on Monday, another student asked a teacher for a Sharpie marker. Then Hughes and the other student went into the bathroom.

“I was looking in the mirror the whole time, and I didn’t know she was going to write something on the bathroom stall about some girl,” she said.