Volleyball Coach Accused of Slapping Player After Game, And Not In the Traditional Way

Slap one of your high school volleyball players on the back–or even the backside–after a game? Perfectly acceptable, even encouraged. Slap them in the face? Not so much

Here’s the story of one coach who may have crossed the line from Jacksonville.com:

A part-time volleyball coach at Robert E. Lee High School was fired Wednesday after she was charged with slapping a player after a game.  Latheria Maria Lewis, 25, was charged with felony child abuse for intentional infliction of physical pain. According to the arrest report, Lewis and a player argued after the player did not play in the match.

Lewis’ arrest report said the player, whose name and age were not released by police, missed the bus to the match but got a ride there and did not play. The two argued, and witnesses said the victim came close to hitting Lewis but did not. They said Lewis slapped her.  Lewis told police the girl jumped at her, prompting the coach to raise her hands but not strike her, the report said.