Painful Sports Video: Soccer Coach Accused of Spiking Drinks of Opposing Players

Oh, those wacky soccer coaches! Is there anything they won’t do to win a game, especially in the hotly contested Peruvian League? Here’s more on the story from The Telegraph, with video clip below:

Hijos de Acosvinchos were playing their rivals Sport Ancash when during a break, several of their team drank from water bottles given to them by coaching or medical staff with their opponents.

Hospital tests showed that the players had traces of benzodiazepine, a class of drug used to treat insomnia, in their blood.  Shortly afterwards one of the players, the defender Andy Salinas, collapsed followed by three of his team-mates, Juan Luna, Martin Reategui and Luis Coello.

Television cameras captured the scenes as players from Hijos de Acosvinchos, based in the capital Lima, confronted the opposition, who play in the city of Huaraz.  Sport Ancash went on to win 3-0 to secure promotion to Peru´s first division but their opponents have urged the football authorities to investigate before confirming the result.