TMZ Tracks Down Charlie Sheen’s “Escort” From Plaza Hotel Meltdown – Capri Anderson

By now, everyone in the free world has heard of actor Charlie Sheen’s alleged rampage in a New York hotel room Tuesday night when police were called and reportedly found the star of  Two and a Half Men drunk, naked and wrecking the room. Some reports claim that the person who called 911 was an “escort” trapped in a closet. Who knows for sure, but we’ve spent most of the week polishing up our sitcom script about a wacky sports-crime blogger who solves murders to pitch to CBS.

What does all of this have to do with bad jocks? Wasn’t Charlie in that baseball movie, “Major League?” So he’s kinda like an athlete. He sure parties like one.

The good news? Our friends at TMZ have found the escort, a young lady named Capri Anderson (aka Christina Walsh),who they say is a porn star. (If you follow the link, they also have a nice photo gallery of Capri Anderson that is mostly safe for work.)

Yeah, I think there might be an opening for a new half hour show on Monday nights any day now.

TMZ knows the identity of the woman who ended up locked in Charlie Sheen‘s hotel bathroom early Tuesday morning at The Plaza Hotel … she’s Capri Anderson, a 22-year-old porn star.

We’re told Anderson, whose legal name is Christina Walsh, met Sheen for the first time Monday in the bar at The Plaza Hotel, then went to dinner with Charlie, along with 4 other women and 3 other men.  As we already reported, Denise Richards also briefly attended the dinner before it became just too awkward — she left before finishing her appetizer.

Anderson — who’s been in a ton of adult features — has told friends she’s extremely upset about recent reports that she’s either an escort or a prostitute … Anderson is adamant she’s NOT a working girl.