Red Carded Soccer Player Leaves Field, Returns With Car to Run Down Ref

Dumbass Category LogoDuring games, soccer players make mistakes and, frequently, get carded by the referee. First, a yellow “warning” card, then later a red “yer outta here”  card. And what’s a player to do at that point? Leave the field, go to the parking lot, hop in your car and drive home, or maybe back onto the field to go after the referee. And yes, in the UK, that did happen this week.

Joseph Rimmer, 28, attempted to plough into referee David Harkness after being shown the red card while playing for Southport and District Sunday league team Lonsdale.  The club were playing against rivals Harrington at council football pitches in Portland Street, Southport, on Valentine’s Day when trouble flared.

Liverpool crown court heard how after being sent off by Mr Harkness, Rimmer ran off the pitch and got into a car.  He then drove his vehicle on to the pitches aiming for Mr Harkness.  The referee was able to get out the way of the oncoming car and was not harmed in the incident.

But it is understood Rimmer then got out his car and shouted threats at him before driving away.

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