HS Cheerleader Booted From Squad Over Facebook Picture w. Beer Bottle – Bree Vargo

Once again, our old friend Facebook has caused trouble for a high school cheerleader. Although this time, it’s not so clear if the young lady involved, Bree Vargo of Cardinal High School (OH) is actually holding a beer bottle under her mouth, or if the woman behind her has it in hand. According to school administrators, it doesn’t matter, especially after they claim that Bree admitted having a beer in her hand at some point during her older sister’s wedding reception.

That’s Bree in the picture at the right.

Here’s more from WKYC:

Of the 199 photos of Bree Vargo’s older sister’s wedding, only one was sent anonymously to Cardinal High School administrators.  “It was someone that doesn’t have any backbone. Obviously, they are out to get me because they took away everything I worked for,” Vargo said.  The photo shows 22-year-old matron of honor, Jennelle, with 16-year-old Bree re-creating the traditional wedding toast.  Both mother and daughter say the beer, while in front of her, was not Bree’s.

“I personally don’t drink myself. I don’t condone drinking, especially for underage children,” Bree’s mother Susan said. Still, it’s not enough to convince school administrators. Despite her 10-year cheerleading career, Bree is off the team. She’ll have to watch the last two games, one the biggest of the season, from the stands.

“She cannot wear her cheerleading uniform. She cannot sit on the bench next to the cheerleading coach. She cannot walk the senior football player down the field for senior night ,” Susan said.  “I just sat there and cried. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what to do,” Bree said.