VP of NFL Security Contacts Deadspin Author Over Brett Favre Incident

The NFL met with Brett on Tuesday and on Wednesday they contacted A.J. Daulerio, the Deadspin blogger who originally broke the story about the Vikings QB allegedly texting his man parts to female Jets reporter, Jenn Sterger. Here’s how it went with Milton Ahlerich who must have the best job in the whole world:

I told him I’d be willing to speak with them but would not give up the source of the material or any other information that would possibly jeopardize the source’s anonymity. He understood. I told Mr. Ahlerich that any and all information we have to offer is available on the site and that I’m unwilling to give anything more than that right now. To this, he responded that he’s read over what has been on the site many, many times, meaning this poor man in the photo above has been looking at penis pictures for close to a week. Pity him.