Painful Sports Video: Canadian Football Players Brawl With Fans

Can’t saw that we have ever seen this happen before. During a football game, at least. Seems to happen in soccer all the time, and occasionally in hockey.  Then again, this one happened in Canada, where a high school semi-final game turned ugly when members of the visiting team from Montreal got tired of taunted from the hometown Hamilton fans and marched into the stands to do some head busting.

Ironically, despite all the video evidence, Hamilton police are now saying that no charges will be filed in this case!

The brawl happened during an Ontario Football Conference semi-final game at Ivor Wynne stadium, home of the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Members of a visiting team from Montreal’s St-Léonard borough ran into the stands and started fighting fans. “An instant that was very disgusting, but unfortunately it did happen,” said Tony Iadeluca, president of the St-Léonard Cougars.

The team said its players were reacting to verbal and physical harassment from the home-team fans. They say spectators started pelting them with beer bottles in the middle of the game, and the hostilities escalated from there. “It was all kinds of racial slurs. Don’t forget we are a Quebec team playing in Ontario, so you can just imagine what kind of stuff was being thrown at them,” said Iadeluca. Coaches, referees and others tried to stop the disorder as players rushed into the stands. No major injuries were reported.

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