Mascot Madness: Vulcan Sets Fire to Broken Down Homecoming Float

That’s . . . illogical.

There, we had to say it, didn’t we? But really: who thinks their going to get away with arson in broad daylight wearing a mascot costume? Especially when you are dressed up as a giant bearded god of fire (not the Star Trek kind). No, it was not a great day for one James Shaffer of Johnstown, PA who, after allegedly setting the fire during the California University of Pennsylvania parade, also suffered some kind of personal medical condition.

Here’s more on the story from the Tribune-Democrat:

University spokeswoman Christine Kindl said 20-year-old James Shaffer, of Johnstown, told the (Uniontown) Herald-Standard that he was undergoing “an evaluation at a medical facility” on Monday, a day after he was charged with setting the fire.

California borough police said Shaffer set fire to the float Sunday afternoon. It was parked on a street after breaking down Saturday during the university’s homecoming parade.
Shaffer dresses as the shaggy-haired, muscular Cal U. Vulcan at sports events and other functions.
He’ll face a preliminary hearing on arson, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct charges.