UMD Football Captain Arrested After Drunken Bar Brawl With Cops “Don’t Tase Me!”

It’s all fun and games until that cop puts that Taser to your neck, isn’t it? For University of Minnesota Duluth football captain Robert Wayne Aurich it started out earlier this month as a good time at a local sports bar when a security guard noticed him “accidentally kicked his shoe off and had a very difficult time trying to put it back on. He said Aurich had a hard time walking. He was staggering and swaying back and forth. He tripped on some more stairs and flung himself forward into a wall.”

A nearby police officer was called and they tried to escort Aurich, UMD’s former team captain, out of the bar. That’s when the fun (and near Tasering) started:

The officer escorted Aurich out of the bar about 1 a.m. Another officer saw Aurich push the officer back toward the door. The second officer said he told Aurich: “You’re under arrest. Put your hands behind your back.”

An officer handcuffed one of Aurich’s hands, but Aurich continued to push both officers, according to the police report. An officer put a Taser in Aurich’s back and told him he would be tased if he didn’t put his other hand behind his back. The football player allegedly said, “I’m a ’baller. I’ll kick your ass.’’ Aurich also allegedly said, “You’re embarrassing me.”

Another officer reported that Aurich said, “Don’t tase me.” The football player also allegedly said, “Do you think you can take me to the ground? I’ll beat you up right now.”

Aurich eventually put his right hand behind his back and was handcuffed by the two officers. However, he continued to push against the officers and use vulgar language. A third officer responded and attempted to place Aurich in a squad car. Aurich said he wouldn’t get in the car and resisted until an officer pushed him hard enough that the officer also went into the car.

For his efforts, Aurich now faces charges of charges of gross misdemeanor obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct.

UMD football captain arrested after fight with police (Duluth News Tribune)