Messiah College Women’s Soccer Team Catches Locker Room Peeper

What did this guy think would happen when he–allegedly-hid in a bathroom stall in the women’s locker room at Messiah College as the lady’s soccer team celebrated a victory? Like they would never see him, or if they did they’d say “come join our celebration?” You’re right, he probably wasn’t thinking. He’s a man of action!

At right, the mug shot of one Benjamin Fugate, now charged with criminal trespass and invasion of privacy.

After their game, members of the team spotted Benjamin Fugate inside one of the bathroom stalls in their locker room.  They say Fugate was peering over the door of the stall and trying to look at them.  The team challenged Fugate and demanded that he leave.  Police later arrested him at his house and placed him in Cumberland County Prison.

Mechanicsburg man arrested in women’s locker room incident (ABC 27)