Sixth Grade Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Refusing to Do “Shake Your Booty” Cheer

It has happened again: another young cheerleader booked from the squad because she (and/or her parents) thought the cheers the young girls were doing weren’t appropriate. Last time, it was a six-year-old. This time, the girl is a bit older (6th grade) but the situation is the same.

Fayleen Frampton was one of the most experienced cheerleaders on her junior cheer squad in Ashland. Then, she took a stand.  “It made me really sad and I didn’t know why I was suspended for standing up for my beliefs,” said Frampton.  In Frampton’s cheer book you’ll find 41 cheers. Number 33 is the problem.

“The words go jump, shake your booty, jump, jump, shake your booty.”

The words aren’t the problem, the action that goes with them is.  “Then we jump and shake our booty. I don’t like it that people are just staring at my butt and it has nothing to do with cheer leading or football.”

Frampton’s mother Sabrina agrees. “It’s got underlying sexual undertones that little girls shouldn’t be doing.”  Sabrina says when her daughter wouldn’t shake it, the cheer coach kicked her daughter off the team. “You teach your young ladies to stand up for themselves and if something isn’t right then to speak out which she did,” said Frampton’s mother.

The cheer coach, in her sixth year, started the junior cheer league. She says explaining the controversy to the rest of the squad was difficult and asked Fayleen not to return for the last two games. “I just thought it was best to ask her not to participate for the last few games,” said Harris.

Harris says she has never fielded complaints about the cheers before. Channel 6 spoke to a parent who says they have complained in the past. Channel 6 also spoke to several parents who have no problem with the cheer.

Cheerleader Who Refuses To “Shake It” Gets Kicked Off Team (WOWT)