Cheerleader Mom Accused of Stealing Over $27K From Squad – Patti Hicks Rose

Stealing money from a youth sports team: Is there anything lower? Okay, maybe taking money from a bunch of sick kids.  Or old people  . . . maybe. But the fact that this continues to happen and no one seems to notice for YEARS in some cases is still puzzling to us. As are the large sums of money (sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) that seem to disappear and no one even notices.

Does anyone else think that parents today are trying to ease the pain of ignoring their kids by signing over large checks to almost complete strangers who offer to watch them for a few hours play sports? How else do you explain how this keeps happening over and over again? “Yes, I know we asked you for $5000 earlier this year but we need another $3000 per child for, uh, new uniforms. They’re really good uniforms. Oh, and please don’t sign the check on the hood of my new Mercedes.”

We do appreciate the latest person charged, Patti Hicks Rose, for her attempt to verbally stiff-arm the school principal who inquired about the missing money. Rose’s response? I’m getting married and I’ll have to call you back later. Brilliant!   You do have to wonder if this will put a crimp on the wedding plans?

Here’s more on the story from the AJC:

Patti Hicks Rose, 48, was charged with theft by conversion and later posted $30,000 bond, according to Cobb County jail records. Rose, of Sharpsburg, was released from jail Tuesday afternoon.  Rose, whose daughter was a cheerleader before graduating from Wheeler, was the treasurer for the school’s cheerleaders for about two years, beginning in January 2008, Cobb County schools spokesman Jay Dillon told the AJC. She is accused of using $27,297.05 of the cheerleader money for her personal use, according to her arrest warrant.

School system police investigated the missing money and obtained an arrest warrant for Rose, who served as the treasurer for the school’s cheerleading association. When the association noticed the missing money, the new president and treasurer contacted the school principal, who notified school police.

The principal sent a letter and e-mail to Rose, who replied once and said “she was getting married and would call him later,” according to the incident report. Rose declined to respond to additional requests regarding the missing money, the report states.

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