Dumbass of the Year? Father Flies Plane Over Football Field, Drops Toilet Paper as Part of “Stunt”

Dumbass Category LogoFrom our “What the Hell Were You Thinking?” Department: The father of a high school football player, who also happens to be a pilot, thought up a stunt to fly over the game in his Cessna trailing streamers with the school colors behind it. But first, of course, he had to test it out this week but used toilet paper instead.  Unfortunately, several rolls plummeted to the ground as scared high school soccer players watched in horror at what the assumed was some kind of terror attack.  Not only were the cops called, but a haz-mat team was dispatched and quarantined a couple of dangerous looking rolls of soggy toilet paper.

This would also just be funny, if not for the fact that it is against FAA regulations for a pilot to drop anything out of an airplane, especially over a school. An arrest warrant was issued for genius dad after his son posted something on Facebook about the stunt.

The lesson here: let the kids come up with their own lame Homecoming stunts. Here’s more from NorthJersey.com:

An airplane toilet-paper drop that sparked fears of a terrorist attack was a test-run for a high school football game rallying stunt, borough police said Thursday morning.  The pilot, the father of a Westwood Regional High School student, will be charged with a fourth-degree crime for violating state aviation codes, Police Chief Frank D. Regino said.  The Cessna 172 S pilot was practicing for a planned flight over a Saturday football game against Mahwah, during which the toilet paper from the practice run would be replaced with streamers in the school’s colors: red and white, Regino said.  But the practice run started to go wrong when soccer players who were using the field, at the Westwood Regional Middle School, reported that a small, single-engine plane was circling the school and dropping unknown objects, Regino said.

The police secured the area and called hazmat teams and investigators from the Bergen County Sheriffs Department.  Sheriff’s department investigators tagged four pieces of evidence: soggy rolls of toilet paper, Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire said.

Police located the pilot through a Facebook posting from his son, Regino said. The pilot, who was on his way to surrender to police late Thursday morning, will be charged with violating a state aviation statute that prohibits low-flying acrobatic stunts over densely inhabited areas or public gatherings.   The pilot, who has been cooperating with police, will be served a warrant and released on his own recognizance pending a court hearing, Regino said.

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