Homecoming Dance Ends in Brawl, Cops Unleash Pepper Spray & Tasers

Ah, they started another homecoming tradition at Williamsport Area High School (PA) this past weekend! It’s called “The End of the Homecoming Dance Brawl”, and organizers even got local police to volunteer their time to come in and Taser some of the winners.  To say the least, it was a magical night for many of the students . . . once they were released from the hospital.

Plans are already in place for next year, when not only will the Homecoming King and Queen get to dance together, but they will also get to mace and taser the runner-ups. How nice!

For those of you who don’t understand the ways of today’s younger generation, here’s some details from a statement released by the school district about last Friday’s festivities:

“At 10:28 p.m., during the last song of the dance, two male students engaged in a pushing match. This behavior attracted the immediate attention of several other students. There were students who were attempting to separate the two male students who were engaged in the pushing match, while others were attempting to escalate the situation.

“The DJ immediately stopped the music, the lights came on, and the majority of the students exited the building.   “Administration contacted the police, requesting support to assist in dispersing the crowd.

“Once outside, two female students engaged in a physical altercation. This created a large crowd gathering. When the crowd did not disburse, police activated a pepper canister and attempted to use a Taser on a non-compliant student who was involved in the physical altercation.

WASD: Students will be held accountable in homecoming dance melee (Sun Gazette)