Favre Saga Continues: Attorney Gloria Allred Says Jenn Sterger Could Take Money to Keep Mouth Shut . . . for Once

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Photo Courtesy stopnlook at Flickr.com

Uh, oh. You know it’s bad for Vikings QB Brett Favre when hot shot attorney Gloria “I Never Met a Case I Didn’t Like” Allred starts sticking her nose in it. The last time we saw Gloria involved in a bad jocks situation, she was advising Tiger Woods’ #1 gal pal, Rachel “Cha Ching” Uchitel to keep HER mouth shut and we all know the money came rolling into her.

Now Allred is saying that it would be perfectly legal for Jenn Sterger to ask for money in exchange for not cooperating with NFL investigators regarding some alleged naughty pictures the future Hall of Famer sent her as part of a bumbled seduction.

Instead of getting better, this looks like it is only going to get worse for Brett.

The sexy TV personality who allegedly received X-rated crotch shots from Brett Favre is under no obligation to talk to NFL investigators – and, according to attorney Gloria Allred, she could even agree to a deal with the legendary quarterback to keep her mouth shut.  Attorneys who believe their clients have legitimate harassment complaints can negotiate settlements that include confidentiality clauses, Allred told the Daily News Monday.

“Parties often agree to confidential settlements rather than have one party pursue litigation,” said Allred, who represented Tiger Woods’ mistresses Rachel Uchitel, who is reported to have received a settlement from Woods prior to canceling a news conference, and porn actress Joslyn James. “If there’s no legal merit to the claim, that’s a different situation.”

Sterger has not ruled out cooperating with the NFL’s probe but she has also not yet agreed to talk to the league’s investigators, according to a source familiar with the NFL inquiry. Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, declined comment Monday when asked if she has retained counsel.