Oh God! Former NFL Star Turned Minister Arrested With Cocked Gun in Car

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Earlier this year, he reportedly told promising SF 49er running back Glen Coffee to leave a lucrative career in the NFL to join the ministry. Some questioned the timing of the decision, but Coffee is a grown man and can decide these things for himself.

God apparently also told Coffee to drive a Cadillac fast in Florida without proper registration or insurance. And when cops in Fort Walton Beach pulled him over last week, they also found a loaded and cocked pistol in the car. God must have been expecting trouble.

On the plus side, if convicted, Coffee would get 3 to 5 years to preach to his fellow prisoners.

Story and pic from out friends at TMZ:

Glen Coffee — the former San Francisco 49ers star who recently retired after one season to pursue a religious calling — was arrested for illegally carrying a “cocked” automatic pistol in his car … and TMZ has obtained his mug shot.

According to police in Fort Walton Beach, Florida … 23-year-old Coffee was pulled over for speeding … but cops quickly discovered that Glen’s vehicle — a 2008 Cadillac — had no registration or insurance.

Because the vehicle was deemed “unlawful to be on the roadway,” cops called for the Cadillac to be towed … but first, they ran a quick search — and found a “black 380 SIG Sauer automatic pistol.”

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ … “The pistol was recovered with the hammer ‘cocked’ to the rear. It was located in the center console … readily accessible to Coffee.”