Former HS Wrestling Champ Arrested for Sodomizing College Roommate With Lint Brush Handle

Kids: if you’re in a college dorm room, annoying a former high school wrestling champ while he’s taking an online test and he says he’s going to make you stop by shoving something where the sun doesn’t shine . . . TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY!   Otherwise, you might be able to clean lint off your clothes without using your hands.  Not exactly a hazing incident, but you have to wonder where these two University of Wisconsin-La Crosse freshmen got the idea to do this? Back in 2006 we reported on a HS wrestler who faced 21 counts of rape for allegedly sticking his finger into the behinds of his teammates during practice as part of a technique called “The Shocker” (yes, we know, not THAT version of the Shocker) and it was claimed at the time this this was a “common technique” used in the sport to uh, get your opponents attention. Yeah, sure.

At least one report says that one of those arrested, Braydon Wienke won the Division 3 WIAA wrestling championship in his weight class in 2009 and 2010.

Two University of Wisconsin-La Crosse freshmen are accused of sexually assaulting another male student with a lint roller in a residence hall room late last month.   Casey Gudis, 18, of Ladysmith, Wis., and Brayden Wienke, 19, of Clear Lake, Wis., each were charged Wednesday in La Crosse County Circuit Court with first-degree sexual assault, Wienke as party to the crime.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison and 20 years on extended supervision.

Wienke is accused of pinning the victim to the floor of a Sanford Hall room about 2:30 p.m. Sept. 27 while Gudis sodomized the man with the lint roller’s handle, according to the complaint. The three students knew each other before the incident.   The 18-year-old victim told authorities the incident caused “unbearable pain.”  “He stated he yelled for people to take it out at least twice as people in the room laughed at him,” according to the complaint, which states three other students witnessed the assault.

Wienke told university police he threatened to jam an object into the victim earlier that afternoon after the victim tossed playing cards at him while he was taking an online exam, the complaint stated.  Wienke told the victim “he had it coming and they were even now” after the assault, according to the complaint.

UW-L students charged in sexual assault with a foreign object on another male (LaCrosse Tribune)