Vikings: We Are Aware of NFL Investigation Into Brett Favre Over Racy Photos

UPDATE: ESPN says the NFL’s investigation started last Thursday and is on a “fast track” to try and get to the bottom (so to speak) of the charges made against Brett Favre. (Video report below.)

EARLIER: Okay, the reports by our friends over at Deadspin are getting more serious and now include some actual voicemails from Favre.

Back in August they reported that former Florida State Cowgirl Jenn Sterger had hinted that future Hall of Famer Brett Favre had allegedly sent her pictures of his man parts when the two of them both worked for the New York Jets organization.  When Favre didn’t immediately sue them back to the stone age, we thought there might be something to it. Then more evidence surfaced in the past week, plus new allegations now that other woman claim to have been also received lewd texts from Favre.  At a certain point you knew the NFL would have to start paying attention to this, despite the unsavory nature of the allegations and the disdain to have another high profile player involved in a sex scandal.

Now, ESPN is saying that not only are the Vikings aware of the accusations, but there is also and NFL investigation.

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress said he has talked with Brett Favre about an NFL investigation into allegations that he sent racy photos to a former game hostess while he played for the New York Jets.  Childress said that a report on the website Deadspin and the subsequent news of a league investigation have not been a distraction for the team this week as it prepares to play the Jets on Monday night.

“We just talk about what’s out there and look it right in the eye and deal with it to the extent we can,” Childress said on Saturday. “It doesn’t affect anybody else in this locker room, except Brett Favre.”

Childress said he knew nothing about the details of the Deadspin report and hasn’t heard from the league. He declined to speak specifically about his conversation with Favre.  “We always speak about [reports]; about everything,” Childress said.  Favre was not made available for comment, and the team said he did not plan to speak on the matter Saturday. He declined comment during his regular news conference on Thursday.