Painful Sports Video: Australian Wrestler Loses Silver Medal After Flipping the Bird to Judges – Hassene Fkiri

So . . . can’t get enough of those Commonwealth Games over in India, can you? Come on, admit it: you love watching countries compete for medals in sports that are too boring to watch even during the Olympics! But if you had, you might have seen an Australian Greco-Roman wrestler (we think that means they fight in helmets and battle armor like in The 300) not only refuse to shake the hand of his opponent after being disqualified, but also flipping the bird to the judges. That gesture, known as “spat the dummy” down under, not only riled officials, but also cost him a sliver medal. At right, in a hard to see still we took from the video (below) Hassene Fkiri makes his fateful gesture. Cheers to you to, mate!

At almost the same time another Australian competitor, this time in cycling, also “spat the dummy” after being disqualified from a race. Sounds like the Aussies need to calm down a bit and enjoy this sporting event as much as the rest of us.

Here’s more on the story from the Australian Broadcasting Company:

A contrite Hassene Fkiri has spoken of his shame after being stripped of a silver medal for making a rude gesture towards wrestling officials. It came as Australian chef de mission Steve Moneghetti was forced to reproach a second Australian competitor – cyclist Shane Perkins – for similar behaviour.

Tunisian-born Fkiri fronted a press conference in Delhi this morning looking a broken man. He was competing against Indian wrestler Anil Kumar in a gold medal match when he was disqualified on Tuesday.

Furious with the decision, and the fact he had blown his chance at winning gold for his adopted country Australia, Fkiri lashed out and showed his middle finger to officials before refusing to shake the hand of his opponent. Australian chef de mission labelled Fkiri’s actions as unsportsmanlike, ordered him to make a public apology and banned him from leaving the athletes’ village for the rest of the competition.