HS Football Coach/Pastor Arrested for Sex With Girl, 17, After Wife Gets Text by Mistake

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoThis guy has to be a finalist for the “High School Coach Sex Scandal of the Year.”

We’ve seen many coaches get caught up in sex scandals when their illicit text messages come to light. Usually it’s the parents of the student who find the text messages. Sometimes the cops. And, every once in a while it’s the school janitor. This is the first time we’ve heard of a coach who accidentally sent a text meant for a 17-year-old girl to his own wife instead.

Ouch. And the fact that this guy was also a youth pastor really puts this one over the top.

The assistant coach also is a youth pastor who knew the girl through church activities, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said.  No arrests have been made. The investigation is wrapping up, Hover said Thursday. When it is complete, the findings will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

The man had been a youth pastor for four years at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Sultan. Church officials said the man came to them Aug. 31 and confessed after sending an “inappropriate” text message to his wife that he intended for the girl. They reported him to the sheriff’s office, Ed Lehman, church pastor, said Thursday.

“As soon as we found out, based on his confession of having had sexual contact with a high school student, we tendered his resignation effective immediately,” Lehman said.   The girl had participated in church activities but was not a church member.

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