Duke “Sex Thesis” Goes Viral, Author Karen Owen Apologizes

Do college girls sleep with jocks?

Is the sky blue?

The real question is: should they write an entire Masters Thesis about their sexual exploits, including sensitive information about the guys they hooked up with? Probably not, but once you write something like that and email it to your other friends at Duke University, you have to believe it’s gonna go viral at some point.

Our friends at DeadSpin.com copies of the entire the paper, and we have details of the story from MSNBC below. At right, the only picture of the author, Karen Owen, we have been able to find.

The Karen Owen List is the result of a senior thesis joke, named ” An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics”. The “thesis’ described in detail all the Duke University athletes she had slept with. It was posted online and spread like wildfire everywhere. As a result, Karen Owen took down all her social network profiles, as she has become one of the most hated women in America this week.

The thesis is a power point presentation listing 13 Duke University athletes, along with detailed descriptions and 1 to 10 ratings. Owen’s list is pages long and contains names, dates and private physical attributes. “There’s no going back now, but maybe Owen should have written out her thesis with pen on real paper, or printed out just one copy that she shared with her friends in person. By putting it in an electronic format and sending it out by email, she practically invited it to go viral”, said Forbes.